Network Marketing Training – MLM Success Secrets to SCORCHING MLM Leadership

As far as your Network Marketing business, Let me ask you some questions:

1) What is going to be the driving force in your business in the future?

2) What is going to be the catalyst for taking your business to the next level and beyond?

3) What is going to ignite a success inferno in your business and stoke it every week?

4) What is going to create a downline wildfire of growth in your business?

5) What is going to direct, navigate and guide you through the challenges that lie ahead this year?

These are tough questions and it may take a little time to ponder them. To save time, perhaps I can offer some assistance here — the answer should be just one word, and one word only for all five questions.

That word is going to be the defining factor in your ultimate success or lack of it. The answer is the kerosene that fuels a fire storm of success in your downline and your life if you let it. It is written on the walls of the successful distributors’ hearts, branded in their minds, and reflected in their eyes.

It is the catalyst for higher performance in anything, and can create more success in your business than you ever imagined. I know what I am talking about because it drove my Networking business for over ten years and those of all the successful people I know. It attracts success and wealth like a magnet on steroids, and contains all the secrets of creating wealth in this business.

Anything that has been written about this business points to this enormous power in some way. It worked so well in the organization I was honored to be a part of that, and I’ve devoted my professional life, through PassionFire International, to taking the message to the industry worldwide.

What is this answer, this message, I’m alluding to? Leadership — true, pure, unbridled leadership — the most powerful force in Network Marketing success.

We have a saying at PassionFire: “Passion is the Secret Weapon to Success, and Leadership is the Secret Weapon to Network Marketing.”

When passion ignites, it can melt anything that gets in its way passionate leadership is like an electric power station with focused, contained power that can explode anything it touches. That’s the power that will create new millennium millionaires in this industry. Truly, no amount of instruction, training, or teaching will ever equal the explosive success power of passionate leadership!

I know a lot of well-educated, well-intentioned folks who know the mechanics of this business — all the right words, phrases and answers that sound great — but are barely getting by. They have incredible potential, but lack the leadership focus and heart that their downline is starving for in their success journey.

Do you realize your people are looking for MLM leadership? There is nothing sadder in this industry than when an organization that explodes with momentum eventually outgrows the distributor due to lack of leadership, and falls apart, piece by piece, day by day. This happens all the time! But it doesn’t have to. In this new millennium, we can change that. To that end, I’ve changed my understanding of what MLM stands for — for me, from now on it stands for: Moving Leadership Momentum!

For Moving your business, create Momentum with Leadership! All leaders know how important momentum is in this business — especially for the new distributor! With passionate leadership, you can create that momentum in your group. The first step is understanding what leadership means in Network Marketing.

Defining Network Marketing Leadership

Leadership is a set of skills, strategies, attitudes, and beliefs that we engage consistently, daily, and fervently for everyone’s benefit. To define it specifically for our industry:

Leadership in Network Marketing is boldly taking on the responsibilities and commitments of creating an empowering environment and a path to success that people willingly follow.

Go back and read that one more time and notice how it makes you feel. Are you that kind of leader? Are you doing that for others? Let’s take a closer look at that definition… .

The first power word in the definition above is bold. Leaders in this business are willing to step up to the bat, see what has not been seen, think what has not been thought, say what has not been said, and do what has not been done. That is a vivid, technicolor “word picture” of Network Marketing leaders. They are bold in their thinking, their vision, their words, and their actions. At PassionFire we teach that BOLD stands for Bringing On Leadership Destiny!

Boldness creates a destiny of success while timidity is like a cancer in this business. Leaders get out on the edge and stay there, empowering others to join them. Are there people who think you can’t succeed? Do what you have not done before, think like you have never thought before, and accomplish what you `ve only dreamed before — it takes bold leadership to show them what’s possible in Network Marketing.

Next, note the word responsibility. Leaders understand the weight of responsibility, and do not shirk from it. They know that someone has to take action to make anything happen, and they accept that task willingly. They know what they are responsible for as well as what they are not.

For example, leaders know that ultimately they are not responsible for their distributors’ success. They are responsible for educating them to do this business, preparing them for the challenges that might arise, and supporting them along the way, but each distributor must engage and embrace their own success.

It’s not unlike being a personal fitness trainer. The trainer can teach her clients how to lift weights, why to lift and when to lift, but they must do the lifting and the grunting. If she lifts the weights for them, she’ll get the benefits, not them. They’ll lose interest and say, “Weight lifting doesn’t work!” — sound familiar? Leaders strive to build permanent downlines always. They are willing to dig the pond, fill it with water, stock it with fish and teach you to fish, but the new distributor must cast the line.

The third power word in this definition of leadership is commitment. Commitment is the cement in the foundation of any successful organization. Committed leaders are magnetic, attracting people to them effortlessly. Why? Because leaders know that commitment is less something said or done than felt. It empowers anyone who comes in contact with them because they can feel it.

We all know people in this industry who are sought after and respected, and almost without fail it is because of their unshakable commitment to success, to their people, and to Network Marketing. You will be forced in this business to do things you don’t feel like doing at the time they need doing or with whom they are to be done, but know that it’s your commitment in those times that will determine whether you are followed as a leader or eventually ignored.

Next, consider the word create. If I had to choose only one word to define leadership, this would be it. Put simply, leaders are creators — they create something where there was nothing before. They crystallize the future into a tapestry woven with the threads of dreams, belief, and action.

Leaders create magnetic direction, powerful influence, hope, possibility, and environments for growth. Leaders have the extraordinary ability to see the invisible — the art of vision. They take a thought, and by sharing it with others and asking their help, bring it into existence. They create compelling visions that people can believe in — in Network Marketing, it’s often that most important of beliefs which can change our lives for the better.

I see change as a sister word of create. Leaders are change agents — they create positive change in people’s lives. They know that change must occur to increase or expand anything. Change creates new directions and perspectives which are what Network Marketing is all about.

Are you starting to see that Network Marketing and leadership are blended so tightly, it’s tough to tell them apart sometimes? Leaders don’t just accept change, they embrace it for themselves and make it part of their message. The power of their approach is in the choice to embrace rather than accept.

The next vital part of this definition is the concept of an empowering environment. In the same way that our environment on earth determines what grows, what thrives, what lives, and what does none of these, so does the environment you create within your organization affect its growth, stagnation, mediocrity, or decline.

It must encourage and foster hope and possibilities, not hype and impossibilities. It must empower people to maximize their strengths. What creates your leadership environment? Your words, your moods, your actions, your consistency, your expectations, your caring, your beliefs, and your attitudes. Is your environment full of sunshine or dark clouds? Is it full of belief or doubt? Maximum empowerment brings maximum growth.

Near the end of the definition is the term path to success. Leaders provide their people with a clear, engaging, step-by-step path to achievement of their goals. In fact, it’s better to think of it not just as a path to success, but also as a part of success. By helping people develop a success awareness — a mindset of focus and power and possibility from the start — you give them a chance to succeed at every stage in the process.

You do this by sharing tools and trainings with them and saturating the environment of your organization with expectancy and anticipation! Be out in front — say “Come on! You can do it, and I’ll show you the way. Few people take the time to celebrate small successes, the unintimidating actions or the seemingly insignificant tasks, but this is one of the most important things you can do for the growth of your organization. It is amazing how recognition and celebration of small victories produce opportunities for celebrating incredible victories.

The final noteworthy phrase above is willingly follow. Do your distributors trust your judgement implicitly? Is it worthy of their trust? Do they follow your lead and promote it to their organizations? New millennium leadership demands and will not settle for anything less than trust between upline and downline. One of the greatest secrets of leadership is that people will be drawn to someone who cares and has the strength to empower that emotion.

People are compelled to follow strength, and I am not just talking about power, but presence with power — and there is a difference. Lots of managers have power, and use it, but don’t have presence. A strong presence is felt, not spoken, and people pick up on it immediately and follow. It works like a magnet in this business.

A leader in this business is someone who is going places and taking excited people with her. You see, people have one question they’ll never ask but are always seeking the answer for: Is this person strong enough to help me achieve what I want in life?

This is what I call the “unspoken determinant,” and if they assess that the answer is yes, get out your flute, because the Pied Piper has arrived on the scene! Strength in leadership comes from not being sold on the business, but sold out to it! You no longer are in the business, the business is in you! This creates a magnetic presence and personal credibility that people feel compelled to follow.

Together, these elements will create a leadership that can drive any business to the heights of success. It all starts with one word — decision. Decision is your catalyst for the leadership you’ve just learned about, the fuse that ignites and creates that power within I call SuccessFire. Decision is the flame that ignites all success in leadership.

Another PassionFire proverb is “Choice determines Direction Decision determines Destiny.” There is only limited power in the word choice, because it is a selection that can be changed. Decision is a mindset, a “heart set” that is steadfast. Let me ask you a new millennium million-dollar question: Have you made a choice to try this business, or a decision to become successful in it? I urge you to lead yourself and your group into the new millennium ignited by the flame of decision — decide to let the kerosene of leadership explode your business into an inferno!

MLM Leadership Quest.

This brings us to a vital aspect of your personal leadership quest. You must learn to lead you first, before you can lead others. The path to leadership success is built first with bricks of personal leadership, then with group leadership. How can people follow anyone who doesn’t display and practice leadership in his own life? You can empower others to boldness, commitment, discipline, and presence only if you display these attributes in your own being.

This is why I mentioned earlier how organizations can outgrow distributors — it happens! Personal leadership comes from personal growth. If you have made a decision to become the best, and are doing the things necessary to engage success beyond your comfort level, you are displaying and building personal leadership. You don’t have to be perfect to be a leader, because ongoing transformation is part of leadership.

Work this business through the eyes of a leader, not just a distributor. There is huge difference! You’ll find that the path to success becomes much more easily traveled through the eyes of leadership.

I encourage you to engage in ongoing mlm leadership development for six months — face to face with a mentor, on a conference call, or in dedicated personal study of the wealth of resources available for the asking. I testify to the impact of this from experience — you’ll cut your attrition in half and your whole organization will feel the dramatic shift in your MLM and Network Marketing.

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Direct Marketing for a New Insurance Agency

Anyone who has been in the insurance industry for a long period of time will tell you that most of their business comes from word-of-mouth advertising. This is generally true and you can tell by the minimal amount of advertising that they do in the marketplace.

Occasionally you will see small ads in high school booster club schedules or other community-based marketing type places as the insurance agency ages. This is all well and good and generally happens because someone from a nonprofit group will come into the agency, which is also a client and look for someone to donate money to the group in trade for advertising.

But if you are a new insurance agency you will need to get clients and that is very difficult because no one really wants to buy insurance or even consider there might be a calamity in their life. Most people buy insurance because they take all loans for homes or cars and it is required by the lender or it is required by law.

One of the best ways to market a new insurance agency is to use direct mail in the appropriate ZIP codes and perhaps the areas where the demographics are slightly higher. A good account executive with a direct marketing and mailing company can help you decide where the best areas are and they have lots of data to show you, which is also of value. You might wish to consider direct marketing and direct mail and send your advertising through the U.S. mail if you own a new insurance agency. Please consider this in 2006.

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Direct Marketing for Water Companies and Conservation

Direct marketing and direct mail campaigns for water companies can help with water conservation by constantly reminding consumers and homeowners to save their water. Many small businesses also need to save water and conserve, but often they do not.

If they are reminded of this from time to time through direct-mail campaigns or even flyers in their water bills it could perhaps cut consumption by up to 10 percent. If everyone in the United States of America saved 10-20 percent of their water there would not be drought issue.

Many municipalities and county agencies, which oversee our water resources have moved to direct marketing and direct-mail to alert and warn consumers to conserve their water. This strategy has worked in many regions in the United States.

As we expand the population in our nation we must be concerned with water conservation. And it is not just a problem with golf courses or homeowners, as many small businesses waste water and many government agencies who oversee water supplies actually waste water. as well.

In doing so and they set precedence and so they do not set a good example. However, the more we keep these issues in front of the American people the more of our citizens will conserve water. Please consider this and conserve water in 2006.

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

In this article, you’ll discover a few good ideas to help make your next mailing a guaranteed success. The ideas covered in this article are a result of over 25 years of real life experiences. I started my career in direct response marketing in 1985, in Southern California.

Habit #1: Decide
1. Decide on the main benefit your product or service gives to the customer. There will be several benefits but only one main benefit. And you don’t get to choose what the main benefit is, that’s up to your customers. So, you’ll have to do some research, I like sending surveys because their are fast and controllable. Find out what your customers love about your product or service.

Habit #2: The main benefit
2. Put the main benefit in a headline. Keep it as simple as possible, but make it powerful (appealing). You have to get them to want to read the whole letter. The headline sells the letter, so make it a great one. The headline accounts for fifty percent of the success of a direct mail campaign. Basically, the headline gives the reader a good reason to spend a few minutes with your letter.

Habit #3: Make it engaging
3. Make the copy active and engaging. Always keep your goal in mind, keep them moving through the letter. The longer you can keep their attention the more successful your direct mail piece will be. Today attention spans are very short, so keep your copy lively and interesting.

Habit #4: Its all about them
4. Make sure you make the letter about them. What they want, need and should have. The minute you forget that you’ll lose them and the letter goes in the trash. The only reason they are reading your letter is for the perceived benefit they hope is there. So keeping giving them the benefits they want. And keep asking them to take action.

Habit #5: Be believable
5. Never tell them something they will not believe. Back any claim you make with proof from objective sources. This can be done with charts, test results or statical evidence. But the best, proven way to back up your claims is testimonials (from real people). Its called “social proof” and it works every time. The more detailed the testimonials are the better. Giving the full name of the person making the testimonial is better than just the initials. Giving the title of the person is better than just the company name. The very best is a testimonial from a well know person.

Habit #6: The P.S. works
6. Don’t forget to add the most read part of any letter, the postscript.
The P.S. is where you need to repeat the benefit and ask them to take some kind of action. Over 40% of the readers will only read the headline and the postscript so make it a good one.

Habit #7: Get opened
7. Finally, get the letter opened. Over 75% of all direct mail is tossed unopened. The method I use to get over 95% of my mailings opened is simple.

Very rarely indicate anything on the outside of the envelope. Only show the return address and of course their address. It’s works better to put your first and last name on the return address without a company name.

Always use a live stamp not a preprinted indicia (markings on a mail piece showing that postage has been paid).

If you’ll use all these 7 habits of highly successful direct mail campaigns, you’ll be very happy with the results.

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Self Directed IRA For Real Estate Investing

Taxes can be one of the greatest destroyers of wealth. The government has provided a way to accumulate wealth tax-free using an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Most people are familiar with the typical IRA that usually holds money market funds, bonds, and stocks. IRAs are often set up through an employer known as a 401(k). Additionally individuals can set up an IRA through a bank or brokerage. What most people don’t know is there is a way to set up an IRA to buy real estate, invest in oil drilling, or just about any other business. The IRS requires that these transactions be held in a self-directed IRA.

Before we explore the self-directed IRA, you need to know that there are two different flavors of the typical IRA – the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. The traditional IRA is the most common and allows individuals to put money away for retirement with pre-tax dollars. That means your taxes are reduced for the tax year in which the money is set aside. For example, a person in the 28% tax bracket saves $28 in taxes for every $100 put into an IRA. There are income limits and maximum amounts that can be set aside. The IRS allows this money to compound tax-free until withdrawal.

The Roth IRA uses after-tax dollars. Unlike the traditional IRA, there are no tax breaks for the tax year in which the money is set aside. Money in the Roth IRA is taxed before it goes in, however is not taxed when a withdrawal is made (there are age requirements). The income limits on Roth IRAs are more stringent than the traditional IRA and you are also limited in the amount that can be set aside annually.

If you’ve been watching the stock markets over the past few years, you know that your retirement money may not be growing as fast as you’d like. Here comes the self-directed IRA. There are several companies that provide self-directed IRAs and I encourage you to do your research of the different companies. Personally, I use Equity Trust.

Self-directed IRAs allow you to use numerous investment vehicles that typical brokerage accounts do not offer. Your self-directed IRA can be either a traditional or Roth IRA. There are benefits to both; however that is a subject for another time. Rather than share all the various investment vehicles available with a firm like Equity Trust, I will just share the things I’ve done over the last few years.

Equity Trust allowed me to create a promissory note and loan money to a hard money lender. My money earned 12% per annum. I used my account to partner on a 344 unit apartment complex. The deal came my way through my network and I was able to participate through a tax-deferred account. Currently I am receiving a little over 9% annually from cash flows. Our anticipated sale or cash out refinance will be in a few years. Based on the current market prices, we anticipate an additional 11% per annum in appreciation. That’s 20% growth per year! Currently I’m preparing to do a hard money loan for three points and 12% interest. Additionally, I am currently doing due diligence on a project involving land and natural gas.

As you can see, this is not your broker’s IRA. Some additional things you can use the self-directed IRA for include: wholesaling, options, lease-options, fix and flip, warehouses, storage units and the list goes on. This is a fantastic way to build a nest egg for retirement.

Please note that none of this is intended to be legal or tax advice. Before you make any investments, you should seek the council of a qualified accountant or tax advisor.

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Reaching People With Mail Marketing

Reaching the people that can be potential customers is what every advertising campaign is about, it is also to target former customers that have not visited the business in a while and one way that is proven to be affective is mail marketing. This is because everyone gets mail and when they get the mail from the mail box they look at it, this is not true about carrying the newspaper in the house, it is often brought in an never opened. People are busy and they need something that attracts their attention when it comes to marketing, this is why mail marketing is perfect.

Mail marketing is a letter or post card that will have all the business information in a way that will be professional yet catch the person’s eye that takes it from their mailbox. This is important so that it is read and not just pushed aside and often businesses use this kind of campaign to target customers that have not been to their store in some time or that are a potential customer with an added incentive in the form of a percentage off purchasing products or the use of the businesses services. This is one way to ensure that people read the mail they receive from the business. Using mail marketing has work for many years for both large businesses and small business with enough of a profit gained from new and old customers that they continue to use this form of advertising.

Another thing that is perfect for many businesses is using mail marketing it is possible to target certain areas. This means unlike a television advertising campaign that reaches a spread out area the mail marketing campaign can be mailed to potential customers that are within a short driving distance to the business. With the price of gasoline today people do not want to travel far for most of the items they need and using other forms of advertising is often wasted on many people that hear or see the advertisement because they can find this same type of business closer to where they live. This is not a concern with mail marketing because the area can be targeted that is within a reasonable driving distance to the business.

Since the mail marketing campaign can be targeted to certain areas it also means that it is more cost effective than other types of advertising campaigns. This is always an important factor, while every business wants to add to their client list they also want the cost of doing this to be worth the campaign. If an advertising campaign only adds to the client base by a small amount of customers then it will not have been cost effective with the cost involved in most types of advertising. This is why mail marketing works, it does not depend on people watching a television channel at certain times, it does not depend on people listening to certain radio stations or reading a certain section of their local newspaper.

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Why Local Business Needs to Market on the Internet

Internet marketing has given birth to new business models. These new business models have made life easier for an entrepreneur to start their business. The days of capital intensive businesses at the top are slowly dwindling away. Internet businesses have come up all throughout the country. Online stores have made retailers jump for joy because they can sell their products directly to their consumers. They don’t have to lease a space or set up a store to do business.

The internet has made doing business easier and the middle man is slowly losing power. Entrepreneurs can directly market to their customers with a marketing plan. They can use social media and create their own site or fan page. They can find potential customers through “likes” on their site or fan page and look for similar pages and target the same customers. Local internet marketing has streamlined advertising campaigns for a local business. It can directly divert all the information of your product or service to your intended audience. If you are selling handmade shoes internet marketing can directly sell your wares to shoe loving customers in any part of America or even the next door neighbour you never knew about.

Search engine optimization can help you in your internet marketing campaign. The proper keywords and content of the website can bundle search results in a page. Finding the right keywords is integral for success in your plans to market online. There are several other online businesses who are buffering their search results with the right words. You can use alternate keywords to the words you want to use in order for your page to go up the Page Rank. You can also frame the content of your website to fit the keyword you would like to use. Finding the right balance of keywords can be tricky you have to know how search engine optimization works to get the best results.

SEO has numerous advantages that an internet marketer can take advantage of. In this day of internet savvy customers they can just type away in a search engine and browse through the sites that they want to and purchase items in sites that they want to. The new ways of marketing have also made companies compete against each other on another level. Without the proper knowledge of the market and how search engine optimization works your business can be left behind.

Certain businesses are niche and cannot thrive in a traditional business environment. Businesses such as handmade cowboy boots are hard to sell. It is a craft oriented businesses that not a lot of people are into and those kinds of products are not mass produced. Other forms of craft oriented businesses are furniture and architecture. These niche businesses can thrive if they take advantage of internet marketing. Through internet marketing these businesses can directly gain access to their desired target market. These businesses no longer have to spend so much money trying to find customers and entirely missing their chance on customers who truly want their services.

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Marketing 101 – Tips For Professional Photography Studios

What inspired you to become a photographer? The answer is simple – you love capturing unique images. But you’re a photographer in a changing, interesting time. We’re quickly transitioning to an all-digital marketplace, plus the Internet has completely altered our lives and business. Marketing has also been forced to adapt to the changes that cyberspace has instilled. In an age that has created e-shoppers and e-commerce, marketing must become e-marketing.

When you first started in photography, either in school or through a hobby, the focus was on creating a better photo. Training didn’t emphasize how to sell. Now you must face the daunting issue of selling your pro studio’s image, coupled with marketing your products and services. Even more, consumers are more tech savvy than ever, and electronic devices and processes are easily accessible and affordable to the average Joe. It’s no wonder more consumers are turning to the Internet.

The good news is that many affordable options also exist for you. These options can help you market your photo studio in the local community (and beyond). If you tackle a few of these items a month, you’ll find yourself moving up the ladder of marketing success.

• E-mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods for marketing a small business, such as many photo studios. It costs you the time you put into it. Develop a customer list with e-mail addresses and send out monthly e-newsletters, e-reports or e-specials. By developing a mailing list, you can also personalize each e-mail with a recipient’s name or other form of variable data. Be sure to include product spotlights and specials with links embedded into images and/or text; these should redirect to your website. If you don’t have capabilities to do this, search for local agencies that will help you at a reasonable cost.

• Direct mail is an effective complement to e-mail marketing. Try to send out a direct-mail piece the same time as the e-mail. This provides cross-channel marketing and hits your audience from multiple angles. If you don’t have a mailing list, purchase one from a list vendor (be sure to ask about multiple uses versus one-time usage, and inquire about renting a list as opposed to purchasing). Many recipients will throw away “junk” mail, but an attractive offer or incentive may cause one potential customer to retain your information for future use; before you know it, you’re marketing dollars have paid off with a greater return on investment (ROI).

• If you don’t have a website, look into starting one soon. If you already have one, be sure to inquire about how to better optimize it through keywords and internal/external link building (simply Google more info on these topics). Update your site periodically to keep your page ranking high. And be sure to create a web form for visitors to enter their contact information; this Web form is a great way to gather contact information to use in your e-mail and direct-mail marketing.

• Non-static (they aren’t part of your website long term) landing pages can round out your e-mail and direct-mail marketing strategies. Simply direct your readers to landing pages, which can be personalized through variable data. For example, e-mails can include a link directly to the landing page, while direct mail can say, “Visit [] for more information.” Once there, visitors will see additional information that expands what they’ve already learned, while also giving them an opportunity to fill out a form and receive a special offer or incentive.

• Continue to offer promotions at your studio. Think of busy times – wedding season, senior portraits, etc. – and be sure to develop appealing packages to lure in more customers. Then, promote, promote, promote!

• Distribute monthly press releases to your local newspapers and trade publications. Never underestimate the power of a good press release.

• Consider taking out an advertisement in a photography publication. Start local or regional, then expand to a national publisher. Also, banner ads on local websites are great ways to increase click-through traffic to your website.

• Attend trade shows, either as a vendor or a paying visitor. Network with area labs and photographers. Simple as that!

• Consult professional photo labs for services to impact your marketing. Some labs offer templates for marketing collateral – business cards, letterhead, brochures, fliers, etc. – and you simply drag in your studio logo and name. Other labs have capabilities for press-printed materials, so you don’t have to shop around for your materials at different locations. Make it easy on yourself and shop with a one-stop printer.

• Some photo labs also feature online photo portfolio services. This allows pro photographers to buy a domain name that can stand alone as their website or can be used in connection with an existing site. Then, you can upload and display your portfolio online. You can also direct your clients to the site, where they can order proofs and specialty photo products. The Internet is the way to go!

• Consider joining an online community for professional photographers. Then, upload and share your photos with other specialists in the field. Comment and post on blogs and articles to get your name out there!

• Publish a photo book. Many printers offer specialty photo items, and this is an ideal complement for your online portfolio. It’s also something to take along to your trade show.

• Keep in touch with your current customers. It’s easier to retain those you have than make new contacts. I’m not saying give up on attracting new business, but you current customers will likely be loyal to you and continue doing business. It may seem like a lot to take in, so tackle these tips one at a time. Focus on one and do it effectively. Good luck and happy marketing!

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Direct Marketing For Results

Direct marketing is, perhaps, one of the most important aspects of running any business where goods or services are being sold. If you are offering products or services, you want to see results. If done correctly, direct marketing will help you achieve that goal.

When you implement direct marketing, you are directly communicating with carefully targeted individuals. These are the people to whom you want to buy your products or services, and from whom you will receive the most business. If marketed correctly, your target consumers will realize that your products and services can best benefit them, and you will then begin building a loyal customer base.

The objective of direct marketing through communications with individual consumers is to obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships. It is usually carried out by telephone sales, usually in the form of telemarketing and telesales, and provides you direct contact with your potential customers. It can, however, also be carried out by direct mail, which includes: brochures, catalogs, and flyers, and by through direct-response broadcast advertising through television and radio, and infomercials and home shopping networks. First, customers often enjoy the convenience of direct marketing, as they do not have to battle traffic find a parking space in a over-crowded parking lot, or browse through crowded stores to find products that suit them. Instead, they can simply order their desired products through a catalog by using the telephone, or by shopping online without ever leaving the comforts of their own home. The requested products are then shipped directly to their homes, which is another sought-after convenience. Purchasing products through direct marketing channels is also private and easy, and does not involve a face-to-face interaction with a sales person. While some people prefer this face-to-face encounter, others find it easier and more convenient to shop without ever leaving the home.

It also provides convenience for the busy working men and women of today. Here, items can be bought on a lunch break online or from a catalog with time left over for actually eating lunch. This also allows businesses to offer a wider selection of products while making comparison shopping easier with greater access to alternative or competing products.

Finally, direct marketing can produce immediate results as goods can be purchased quickly and easily in the exact configuration desired. It saves time, allows companies to offer a broader selection, and be a lot of fun for both the buyer and seller.

Direct marketing provides many benefits to both buyers and sellers

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Market Neutral Strategy – Staking The Odds in Your Favor

Is there a trend in stock and option trading?

Let’s start of by defining a trend. A trend is simply the general direction of the market. The market can only move in 3 directions – up, down or sideways. It is as simple as that.

For directional traders, knowing the trend is important because that is how money is made. If there is no trend, then how would the buyer of the uptrend profit when the market moves sideways. They need to buy low and sell high. Likewise, short sellers can only benefit when they sell high and buy back lower. Trend followers will always wait for the market to shift or turn before jumping in. Directional trading, like any trading strategy, requires discipline and patience. Directional traders can only benefit when the market moves in their direction – up or down.

Directional trading demands strong self-discipline to follow precise entry and exit rules. Successful traders utilize strong risk management systems that use current market price, portfolio allocation system in an account and takes advantage of market volatility. Directional traders use an initial risk strategy that determines their capital exposure at the time of entry. This means that they must know how much to buy or sell based on their account size. On the other hand, adverse price movements may lead to an early exit for their entire trade for a small loss. To be a successful directional trader, the risk reward ratio should be 1:3 for any trade to be worthwhile. That is because despite the technical tools available, directional traders are wrong most of the time. If they are profitable 4 of 10 trades, then they can be considered as excellent traders. Directional traders have the market odds staked against them every time that they enter into a trade. So when they are right, they have to let their profit run, and when they are wrong, they must quickly cut their losses fast.

Before entering into any trade, any trader must already consider the below.

Price: One of the first rules of directional trading is that price is the main concern. If a market is at 50 and goes to 47, 49, and 46 – the market is in a down trend. Sometimes technical indicators can show otherwise. There are many different indicators that can supposedly show where the market should move. While that is always a nice tool, successful traders should only be concerned with what the market is doing, not what the market might do. The price tells you what the market is doing – not the indicators!

Money Management: The most critical factor of any trading system. Successful traders will already have a money management system is place. Money management ensures that the traders will always be in business despite a bad spell. Good traders will lose money. Bad traders lose more often. Whatever you trading level, a good money management system will prevent a wipeout of your portfolio.

Risk Control: How much can you afford to lose in a trade if it goes wrong? That must be determined before any position is opened. Setting your rules upfront will curb emotional and irrational decision making. For most traders, emotional decisions can almost certainly be the worst decision that they make. Knowing what to do before trouble come knocking will help keep you on your toes.

Any trader should already know the below questions before entering into a trade.

How and when to enter the market?

How many contracts or shares to trade at any time?

How much money to risk on each trade?

How to exit the trade if it becomes unprofitable?

How to exit the trade if it becomes profitable?

While trading trends can be extremely profitable, the odds are unfortunately staked unfavorably against the directional traders, even more so for directional option traders due to time decay. A relatively unknown but superior trading strategy does not forecast nor predict market movements exist – a Market Neutral Trading Strategy. Prediction is impossible in the stock market. The Market Neutral Strategy is certainly not a holy grail. It is not some passing fad or hyped-up secret trading strategy. It is the strategy that takes full advantage of the depreciation of options premium as it approaches expiration. Markets may move up, down, or even sideways for this strategy to be profitable. If you must trade everyday, the market neutral trading strategy will not work for you. A sound trading strategy should only limit you to 3 to 6 trades per month which should provide decent returns of up to 10% per month. With all the discipline and rules of a directional trading strategy applied, the market neutral strategy can be used to devastating effect.

What do you need to get started?

An active mind, willingness to learn, strong discipline and passion to succeed.

No knowledge of what is happening in Shanghai or the ability to read financial statements is required. The key is the price on the chart.

Discipline and common sense to do the right thing.

About ten minutes a day to check on all open positions.

A reliable PC/Notebook and internet connection.

Trading is a zero-sum game. For every winner, there is a loser. If you are tired of losing in the market, then it is time to arm yourself with Market Neutral Trading Knowledge.

Copyright (c) 2007 CashFlow Avenue

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