Small Business Marketing Secret #4: Congratulations on Becoming Brand Manager For Coke(r)

Woo Hoo…bring out the champagne and let’s toast to your new position. Brand manager for the big cola giant comes with tons of responsibility.

One of them is that you are required to spends tons of dollars on advertising that you aren’t sure is working. Advertising dollars you can’t measure and advertising dollars that you aren’t sure bring you a return on your investment.

This is called “brand advertising”. You may have heard it called “branding”, “brand building” or most common referred to as “getting your name out there advertising”.

The reason why you’ve been given this position is because you have experience doing this type of advertising in your business, just not with the big cola budget.

I’m sure you already know that you can’t afford to spend the dollars the cola giants spend, so guess what? You can’t advertise like them either.

So stop it.

Don’t believe anyone that says advertising that just gets your name out there is valuable. Don’t get me wrong, it does have some value…but it’s not profitable.

Can you make investments on your budget that aren’t profitable?

If you are like most of the people, you can’t.

We’re about to let you in on this little secret. The most powerful, amazing two words you will ever hear in regard to your advertising.

The two words you must never forget.

These two words will become your advertising mantra, chanted during late night creative sessions and deep mediation.

Are you ready for the two words?

Are you sure?

Here they are!

Nod your head and read these aloud three times.


Direct response is the only kind of advertising that you can do. If you do direct response advertising you WILL end up with some residual branding effects.

These residual effects stem from what we call your “Natural Gravitational Pull.” We call this Brandscending. But you don’t pay for that.

It is a side effect of powerful direct response advertising that is tested measured and proven effective. This is a powerful part of Gravitational Marketing.

Effective direct response advertising requires three main components:

1. YOU focused copy

2. Effective metrics for testing and measuring

3. Hooks – an offer and a call to action

Remember these? Sound familiar?

They should be your best friends by now.

If you can befriend them, seduce them and love them, they will revolutionize your advertising.

In Jim and Travis’ small business marketing secret #5, we’re going to reveal an easy way to drum up a 20% in your business.

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